Jasmine Ejan

Suppressed Appetite

This dance piece was created to bring awareness to many issues that go unsaid in our dance community, particularly eating disorders. Perfection is not attained through starvation. We urge the world to eat healthy, and live a full life.

Director/DP: Avery Archie
PA: Cody Cook

Messy - Kiiara

A Day With You - Will Gittens

Director: Tara Atashgah

Hunter - Galantis

Director: Ben Fee

All I Ever Cared About - Arthur Rivers

Tammy and Bobby are lovers torn apart by fate. As each struggles to accept their new reality their souls continue to search for one another.

Music by: Arthur Rivers
Director/DP: Otto Gaiser

Hidden in the Haze - Dave Valdez

From the EP "I" by Dave Valdez
Director: Ellie Pritts


Voice Over Reel